List most of the Free or Open Source databases available on Linux that do not fit cleanly into the SQL arena. This page will list xBase style databases systems

Various xBase implementations are available for Linux:

FlagShip — essentially a Clipper “clone”; it compiles dBase III+ (and higher) code, and reads and writes related file formats. Free Personal FlagShip is an unlimited 2-user version similar to the commercial Personal license, but intended strictly for personal use or for development of database applications distributed for free (whether Public Domain or Open Source).
The Harbour Project — building a Clipper “clone” for DOS and Unix that is freely redistributable.
PlugSys International
DBF to other formats conversion software
X2c — a portable xBase compiler.
Xbase — a collection of specifications, programs, utilities and a C++ class library for manipulating xBase type datafiles and indices.
XBSQL — a wrapper library providing an SQL-like interface to the Xbase DBMS.

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